Month 2

Your People • How to Create Your ‘Dream Team’

Success in business is definitely a team game. It’s not easy to choose the right team members but if you don’t delegate or outsource some of the tasks you risk becoming the bottleneck in your business, feeling stressed and losing business opportunities.

Whatever the size of your business you have to have a team of people to help you – even if you don’t employ anyone directly. If you’re hesitating to employ or outsource or you’ve already got a team and it seems more of a headache to manage than it’s worth, this is definitely the session for you! We’ll help you to:

• Sack yourself from the tasks you’re not good at or you’re not interested in.

• Make taking on suppliers or employees affordable, profitable and easier to manage.

• Introduce you to quality suppliers who can help you with your admin, accounts, marketing etc. - If you need us to.

• Create and manage a high performing team you can trust to be growing the business even when you’re on holiday.

• Deal with difficult team issues quickly, confidently and skilfully.

• Motivate your employees, suppliers, referral partners, colleagues, family members, friends and clients to help you grow a great business.

• Learn how to manage your stress and other emotions through the ups and downs of business life.

• Understand how people tick and how to get the best out of them.

• Discover how to create win-wins between you, your team, your clients and the profitability of your business.

You’ll leave the session feeling clear, motivated and excited about taking the next steps.