Month 3

Your Time Management • How to Stop Being Too Busy & Start Being Time-Rich

If you wish there were more hours in the day or that you could have your weekends and evenings back, you’re not alone. One of the biggest obstacles our business owners find to implementing more profitable ideas is lack of time to move the business forward. They also often complain that they don’t get time to recharge their batteries by spending quality time with friends, family and hobbies. So, in this session you’ll discover:

• Practical tips to help you make sure you get the profitable things done first.

• Time you didn’t know you had!

• Special procrastination-busting techniques to help you to succeed.

• Short cuts that will help you make time for you to go on holiday, enjoy time with friends and family, pursue your hobbies and have time to take a step back and do things in a more relaxed and planned way.

You’ll leave the session feeling clear, motivated and excited about taking the next steps.