Months 7, 8 & 9

Your Sales • How to Get More Sales More Easily at Profitable Prices,
Your Sales Meeting & Closing Your Sale

Are you tired of those sales conversations where prospects say, ‘sounds great but I can’t afford what you’re offering’ or ‘I’ll think about it’? Do you tend to under charge to win a sale? Do you feel uncomfortable in sales meetings? At the end of a sales conversation would you like to hear, ‘Yes – how do I pay and how soon can you start?’

Then you’ll really benefit from our Sales Made Simple strategies for business owners who hate selling or who just want to get better at it. These strategies include some tips even many professionals don’t know. During the Sales Made Simple sessions you’ll:

• Discover how to ensure your prospects buy from you and not your competitors.

• How to build rapport so you get permission to sell from the start.

• Go away with tailored script ideas that sound natural and avoid being pushy.

• Discover our sales secrets that can create conversion rates of 97%.

• How to present your price so your prospects really see the value.

• How to stop most objections and handle them if they come up.

• And so much more…

You’ll leave the session feeling clear, motivated and excited about taking the next steps.