January 28, 2021
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7 Gold-Medal-Winning Business Habits that Guarantee Your Success

Are you glued to the TV in awe of the Olympians’ achievements? Or maybe you’re already Olympic-ed out and just too busy to take any notice of the games? Whichever you are, there are some great lessons to learn about success in business from Olympic sports men and women.

20% of their success is holding their nerve, focus and determination on the day of their event and 80% of their comes from the regular 1% improvements and small daily habits they practice in the years leading up to the games.

With that in mind, here are 7 winning business building habits that could make you a business Olympian:

Business Olympian Tip #1
Put a business improvement task on your To Do list each week. In the years running up to the Olympics the athletes and their coaches experiment with making small improvements that lead to a winning performance. Improvements in their training regime, equipment, skills etc. What small improvements could you make to the way you sell and market your business, serve your customers, lead your team etc., each week, that would lead to a better business by the end of the year?

Business Olympian Tip #2
Set exciting goals and keep measuring your progress towards them. What would it be like if you played football without a goal or ran a race without a finish line? It would be chaos really. It’s the same in business. You need targets, goals and outcomes – goals more defined than ‘my bank balance seems to be in the black’. It’s your goals that tell what effort you need to make, what resources and strategies you need to achieve them, etc.

Business Olympian Tip #3
Set goals that are important enough to you to make you want to leap out of bed in the morning! Profit and turnover targets are okay but they may not inspire you when the going gets tough. What’s your vision for the profits you make? Do you want to treat your family to the holiday of a lifetime, give your children exciting new opportunities, be financially free in retirement, make generous contributions to charity…or?

Business Olympian Tip #4
Be inspiring and rewards and support will come! Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima was chosen for the honour of lighting the Olympic torch not because he was a gold medallist but because of the gracious way he reacted when his gold medal hopes were dashed by a violent spectator in 2004. At that time, he won bronze and the, rarely awarded, Pierre de Coubertin medal “exceptional demonstration of fair play and Olympic values.”

Business Olympian Tip #5
Hire your own business coach. Every top sports person has a coach to help them: keep perspective when they hit setbacks, encourage them to keep taking action when they don’t feel like it, keep their eyes on their inspiring goals, stay confident when it really matters, learn short cuts to success and celebrate the wins. Business owners need their coaches too.

Business Olympian Tip #6
Look after your health and make sure you recharge your batteries. Olympians eat healthily, sleep well and make sure their lives are about more than just work.

Business Olympian Tip #7
Remember that big business success comes through smaller steps you take each day to make it happen.

What’s your best business success habit? Email us and let us know :-)

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