July 16, 2018
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Hate Selling But You Want More Sales?

Learn how to double your sales quickly & easily

I’m sure like many business owners you know your product or service inside out and back to front. But you hate sales. It’s just a necessary evil that you have to bear in order to do the work you enjoy. And why does everyone else seem to make it look so easy! But hold on, you’re not like them. Some people are just born sales people, have the ‘gift of the gab’. You’re just not that cheesy and you’re not that pushy.

“However if you want to sell more and increase you prices something has got to change…”

How would you like to discover seven easy to use sales techniques which will double you sales in a very short space of time? These are not high pressure, pushy, sleazy or unethical.

Seven Advanced, Face-to-Face Selling & Price Negotiating Techniques

As used by the most successful sales people that will repay you with higher sales, forever! This master-class is for anyone responsible for winning new customers, clients or accounts. Individually each of these techniques wins you more business. Together, they add up to a truly brilliant sales performance. And, whilst some of these techniques are advanced, delegates don't need to have had sales training to be able to use them. 

"I’m better prepared for sales conversations and meetings, with more tools in my armoury to draw upon, which means that my conversion rate of prospects into clients has doubled in just 4 months.” - Isobel Read, Business Owner

Imagine for a moment, how a 10%, 20%, 50% or even a 100% increase in sales would affect your success and boost your personal income. Not just any sales, but high quality, highly profitable orders from customers you most want to win. Now you can achieve this increase, and more, when you apply the seven skills you’ll discover on this workshop.

How can you be sure these sales skills will work for your business?

We’ve got a great track record of helping business owners and sales professionals in business-to-consumer and business-to-business sectors to win more sales and more profitable prices. Clients include professional services, consultancy, finance, IT, telecommunications, manufacturing, technology, service sectors and training. We have used these techniques to create our own successful businesses too and have a combined sales experience of 46 years.

“The sales training day by Madeleine and Tim has been absolutely invaluable to me as a salesperson and a business owner. Before the course I was losing sales as a result of simple mistakes. After the course, I have been full of confidence and view selling as an adventure – which means that I have made more sales at higher rates!” - Frankie Dubery, Business Owner

What specifically will you learn?

Two powerful 'relationship' selling skills that persuade customers to buy
'Relationship' selling is now accepted as the most effective approach for winning and retaining customers. You'll find relationship development techniques that maximise the order value and the profitability of each customer.

How to get your first customer meeting off to a positive start
Three essential steps you must take at the very first meeting to persuade your customer to trust you.

Advanced questioning that persuades customers to buy
Traditional open and closed questioning techniques are the cornerstones of selling. They gain information but do little to encourage the customer to buy. You’ll discover a subtle, higher level questioning technique that actively persuades customers to buy and make decisions quickly.

Overcoming objections - turn-around techniques made easy
When you use the sales skills we’ll show you, you’ll see that fewer prospects raise objections. But, just in case objections do come up, we’ll prepare you with two easy-to-apply, but powerful techniques that uncover real objections and help you negotiate to overcome them.

Two rarely taught but amazingly powerful price-negotiating skills
In a sale negotiation, there are two skills that really matter. Master these and you'll win a higher price and better terms - all without risking the sale. They work even with the most determined hagglers.

How to win your competitors' best customers
If your most valuable customers are locked into preferred suppliers, you'll learn strategies that help you to break in and win these accounts.

Closing - how to close more orders without fear of rejection
There are dozens of closing techniques that claim to work. Top achievers use a soft-close approach. It's safe, natural and closes sales faster.

Why choose us?
1.    Thought-provoking, fun and relaxed format where you’ll feel comfortable to take part in discussions and in raising questions.
2.    We understand how people learn, so you’ll leave feeling confident to put the skills into practice, straight away.
3.    Great value – you’ll be able to use these sales skills to add £'s to your profits.
4.    Complementary, comprehensive workbook to help you as you apply each new skill and increase your sales over the coming months.
5.    Several of the skills are quick to master. They lift your sales immediately. Others need a little practice, but reward you in the longer term with higher new sales conversions and a greater volume of business from repeat customers.
6.    Experienced trainers with 46 years of practical sales experience and a great track record of helping even the most reluctant sales people to feel confident.

Previous Sales Workshop Client Testimonials

“Tim's enthusiasm and drive are infectious and it is clear his sales experience puts him in a very good position to show others the ropes. Working in an industry where sales are a very long process, Tim has shown us how to increase both the speed and percentage of conversions.” - James Hyde, James and James Fulfilment

"As someone with little or no sales training Tim and Madeleine made the course practical and easy to understand, Many thanks.” - Ian Farbon, Business Owner

“Just want to say a huge thank you to Madeleine and Tim for making sales look and sound simple! It's one of those things that meant nothing to me and yet I left the workshop so fired up.” - Paul Peek, Peek Photography

“Having attended your “Profitable Sales Workshop” I would like to thank you for such a superb and worthwhile training event. I discovered tips and strategies that have worked well and that I hadn’t come across in other workshops.” - John Gibson, Giddings Lane Will Consultancy

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