January 28, 2021
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How To Increase Your Sales Without Selling

Do you run out of toothpaste and keep forgetting to buy a new one so have to squeeze the last dregs out of the tube by rolling it up? Or, run out of your favourite coffee and then have to end up drinking decaf?

Well, that could be a thing of the past. Amazon have come to the rescue with their new Dash Button. A Dash button is a Wi-Fi-connected device that is sold by Amazon that lets you re-order your favourite products, via Amazon Prime, so that you never run out again.

You would stick your toothpaste dash button in your bathroom cabinet and when you’re running low, press the button and the new tube turns up the next day. The buttons cost £4.99 to buy but you get this back as a credit when you press it for the first time. Lots of companies have their own dash buttons now, through Amazon, such as Gillette, Olay, Nerf, Play Dough, Kleenex and Epson. It’s a great way for those businesses to keep us loyal to their brands – it’s like having a 24/7 silent sales person in their customers’ houses. Not only that, but it offers brilliant customer service too. This idea got me thinking.

How can you be top of mind with your clients when they need service or product like yours? How can you remind your customers to buy from you again without pestering them?

You don’t have to be as high tech as Amazon. A plumber who joined our Cambridge Business Guidance Programme found that if he left a sticker with his contact details on the boiler he had just serviced, his clients were more likely to contact him when the boiler needed servicing again – and could always find his contact details.I find it effective to keep in touch, regularly, with my contacts and clients by sharing useful tips that make their lives easier. How could you apply these ideas? What other ideas do you have? Here’s a link to the Amazon Dash Button video, if you’re curious click here to view the You Tube video.

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‘The people who succeed are the efficient few. They are the few who have the ambition and will to develop themselves.’
– Robert Burton