July 9, 2018
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How to Make Sales Success Simple

Losing a sale can be a frustrating experience.

Have you ever been puzzled over why your prospect didn’t buy? Here are 5 clues to help you identify why you may have lost that sale, and 5 ways win the sale next time.

1. You didn’t find out enough about your prospect’s needs and wants

It’s easy to rush into a sales pitch when your prospect describes a problem because you just know you can help. When you do this you risk discovering too late that the surface problem isn’t the real problem. To avoid this, ask more probing questions to get at the heart of your client needs and wants.

2. You didn’t demonstrate enough value

These days your prospects can easily find out what your competitors are charging. It can be hard work and unprofitable if you’re only strategy for dealing with this is to undercut their prices. One strategy for dealing with this is to make sure your sales process demonstrates why your prospects should pay more for your product or service. For instance, what’s unique about your business that prospects would care about? How clear to your customers are the benefits of doing business with you?

3. The language in your sales pitch was too complicated or technical

Your prospect probably isn’t an expert in your field. Did you use language or technical jargon they didn’t understand? Confused buyers are more likely to say ‘No’ to your product or service. So, you could boost your sales by using plain language your prospects can understand.

4. You didn’t ask for the sale

Many people who are involved in selling feel too embarrassed to ask for the sale. They email their quotes and proposals hoping their client will say ‘Yes!’, rather than asking them for a decision. The risk is that a more decisive and confident sales person will win the sale. Many prospects are busy and other decisions and issues will cause them to defer getting back to you if you leave the ball in their court. Some ways to get over this are to:

Make it clear to your prospect that you’ll ask them to make a decision as part of your sales process.

Remember that if you leave them to buy from someone else they may get an inferior product or service, so you’d be letting them down!

5. You didn’t follow up with your prospect

It’s ideal if you can get a decision straightaway, but sometimes prospects genuinely need to go away and think about your proposal or offer. If you leave them to do this for too long other sales people might jump in a steal the sale. In this case, book a time to follow up with them. This will give you a chance to get rapport again and answer any questions they may have without seeming pushy.

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