January 28, 2021
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How To Start Your Own Business

So, you’ve got a great business idea, or maybe you’ve already launched your business and you’re wondering, ‘What’s the best way to make this business succeed…quickly?’ Many people who start up in business find the first feelings of excitement quickly disappear once they catch sight of the steep learning curve and uncertainty that comes with setting up and running a new business. This story about a garden designer who was referred to us by a happy client shows how even a modest business start-up can go on to achieve success.

The designer was employed part-time by a garden design and maintenance company and he’d also set up his own business which he had been working in part time for about a year. He really wanted to work full-time for himself. He also wanted to win more design work and build a team so that he could focus on design and project management while his team could do the manual work of implementing his design a3nd maintaining it. He was also very spiritually minded, quiet and thoughtful. He found it difficult to reconcile business with his values. However, he was keen to learn how to make his business succeed in an ethical way and in a way which would suit his personality.

When we met him for a free Business Growth Strategy Session, we found that although he was a highly qualified designer he actually spent most of his time doing garden maintenance. He couldn’t charge much for this kind of work. His business was growing extremely slowly by word of mouth. He didn’t have a website, or marketing materials. He felt very uncomfortable with selling and charging enough for his great work. Like many business owners who have a passion for what they do, he tended to plough money back into better ‘tools of the trade’ rather than marketing and business advice. We knew that if he continued in this way he would struggle to earn the profits he needed to invest in the growth of his business and support the lifestyle he had even a frugal as it was.

Fortunately, he had some savings and enough faith in us to invest in our group coaching programme.

So how did the CBG Business Growth Programme help this garden designer?

We focussed on helping him improve his sales system so that he could earn more from the enquiries he was getting. This involved not only showing him, and giving him a chance to practice, some ethical sales skills but also helping him to feel comfortable with charging more. The power of being in a group also helped. The other delegates gave him evidence that he needed a mind-set change about his pricing as they fed back to him how much they would be willing to pay for his work. As his revenues began to rise we guided him to invest wisely in some successful marketing campaigns. We helped him to get clear about who his ideal clients would be and what kind of marketing would attract them.

How did this business start-up owner benefit from the CBG Business Growth Programme? By the end of the programme, he had begun to work full time in his own business. He felt confident in his value to his clients and he felt in control of his business success. He had made the mind-set change from a technician to a business owner and manager.

When we had a catch-up meeting with him a few months ago he had decided to move to the west of the country. He felt very confident making that move knowing that he had all the know-how he needed to successfully set up in a new location.

Would You Benefit from Working With a Business Coach?

If you would like to discover if working with a business coach would benefit you and your business, we’d like to offer you a FREE Business Growth Strategy Session. This is 60 minutes where we’ll focus on what’s working in your business and what you’d like to work better. We’ll talk about what’s important to you and how you’d like your business to be. Then we’ll share with you some tailor-made tips that will help you take your business to the next level.

If you find the session has been useful, you might want to continue working with us.

Interested? Simply click here to complete the form on the contact page of this website and we’ll do the rest.

Warm wishes

Madeleine Morgan,
CAMBRIDGE Business Guidance Programme Leader


‘All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.’

– Walt Disney