January 28, 2021
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Marketing Tips Inspired by Netflix That You Can Use in Your Business

Are you a Netflix subscriber? I am, but I always struggle to find the right film for me... So much so that I’ve often seriously thought about stopping my subscription. Not great for the Netflix business.

If you ever struggle with the same problem, then this might just be perfect for you! A computer whizz has found every category that Netflix uses to sort its films. And we're not talking just broad search terms like Comedy, Horror, Action, Romance etc... We're talking:

- 'British Dramas based on a book from the 1980's’
- 'Critically Acclaimed Tearjerkers’
- ‘Action and Adventure Directed by Clint Eastwood
- ‘British Political Comedies
- ‘Exciting Foreign Crime Dramas’

And literally thousands more! Some of the categories are an entertaining read in themselves. Thank goodness now, when you're in the mood for a Visually-striking Suspenseful Sci-Fi & Fantasy film, you should be able to find one easily! You can check out the full list here:


What has this got to do with marketing your small business? Well, here are a few questions for you:

If you have a shop, on the high street or online, how easy do you make it for shoppers to find what they want? Are the categories you use the categories your customers use to find what they’re looking for? Whatever type of business you own, do you find it hard to compete to get your website on the top page of Google searches for broad and popular search terms? How about aiming for some more specific search terms that are less competitive and have the advantage of attracting more interested visitors to your site?

I'm off to watch a thrilling 'Independent Crime Drama Based on a Book'…

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