January 28, 2021
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A story about a sale that hit the national news last week got me thinking about better ways to make sales. It seems that 81 year old woman was having difficulty with a jammed door handle and expressed her concern about this when she received a cold sales call from a double glazing company last week. She was simply interested in getting the handle fixed and went on to agree to a visit from a rep to discuss her options.

The following day a sales representative from the double glazing company arrived and he sat with the elderly lady for two and a half hours until she had agreed to buy two brand new doors and signed a cheque for an eye watering £5,743.73! A very expensive solution to a small door handle problem. When her son found out about the incident, he confronted the salesman and made it very clear that the sale was not acceptable because his mother didn’t need the new doors and she was clearly vulnerable, suffering dementia-like symptoms.

The company insisted they did nothing wrong and have merely sold a product to a customer. I know where I stand on this sale. What are your thoughts? Is it a genuine sale or a rogue-trader type sale? I suspect you would never try to make this kind of sale but perhaps you’ve found yourself investing time and energy in the wrong kind of prospect? So what could you do to avoid that situation?

A Better Strategy for Making Sales in Business
One way to make sure that you end up with a sale that’s a win for you and a win for your customer is to ask your prospects ‘qualifying’ questions. These special sales questions are designed to help you find out whether a prospect is going to be a suitable client for you and whether you are going to be a suitable supplier for them.

Some examples of great qualifying questions
If you want to cut down on travel expenses and time you’d want to find prospects within a geographical area close to your business. So, very early in your conversation with a prospect (i.e. before you set up a sales meeting) you’d want to ask a ‘qualifying’ question such as, ‘Where are you calling from?' or 'Where do you want the work to be done?'

How is that a win for your prospects who become clients? You can probably serve them better if you’re local. During the CBG sales training workshops we’ve come up with some great ‘qualifying’ questions our clients have used to help them sell to the right prospects and grow their businesses.

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Madeleine Morgan,
CAMBRIDGE Business Guidance Programme Leader