January 28, 2021
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Three Top Team Management Tips

Many of our clients tell us it feels like a big step to take on employees in their business. Only when they realise that their business can’t grow unless they do, are they willing to take tentative steps. While those clients with staff members often long for a time when their lives were simpler and they didn’t have to deal with frustrating staff members.

So, to make your life as a team manager easier, here are 5 common problems that you might face and 5 ideas for how to overcome them.

Your team members won’t admit their mistakes

It can be frustrating when your team members make mistakes. Maybe you start wondering if you’d be better off doing the job yourself…until you remember you’ve got loads of other things to do. It feels even worse if they try to hide their mistakes from you or refuse to admit they have made them. One antidote to this problem is to create a culture where mistakes are treated with curiosity. How did the mistake happen in the first place? Was it a lack of training or confidence or…? What can be learned from making it that will ensure the mistake won’t happen again?

Issues don’t get resolved because of the fear of conflict

If your employees can’t speak their minds about their concerns with each other or their manager, then team members often resort to grumbling to someone else. This can result in valuable feedback being lost, issues getting worse or team members missing out on vital information. One way of managing this situation is to give your team members opportunities to learn how to speak about their frustrations or give feedback in a way that leaves the person receiving it open to discussing it reasonably and not defensively.

Your staff don’t seem to understand the needs of your business

Many employees will put their own interests, needs and feelings ahead of the needs of the team and the business. Do you get frustrated when they make their personal problems your problems? Or perhaps they react badly to a customer complaint and spoil a profitable relationship. Or maybe they just work inefficiently or carelessly sometimes.

A great way to manage this is team issue is prevent it happening in the first place. For instance, by making sure the way you recruit new team members helps you select employees with mature and emotionally intelligent attitudes.

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Madeleine Morgan,
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‘Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.’

– Henry Ford