January 28, 2021
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Top Time Saving Tips for Business Owners

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time to grow your business or to enjoy quality time with friends and family? Perhaps you feel like the weeks and months slip by and you’ve only had time to’ fight the fires’. Maybe, you can’t understand where all your team members’ time goes either?

Well here are 7 top time management tips to help you find hidden time in your day that you can use to create the lifestyle and business you really want.

  1. Put a ‘progress’ task on your To Do list every day. A progress task is something you do that makes an improvement or takes your life and business forward in some way…in contrast to ‘maintenance’ tasks that just stop you going backwards. A progress task might be building a relationship with a new referral partner who will bring you ‘warm’ clients in the future and save you time doing lots of cold marketing. Another example might be creating a template for a new-client welcome letter/email that saves you from writing it out from scratch every time.
  2. Keep a time log so that you know where you’re spending your time. It’s easy to fool ourselves about how we’re spending our time. This time log acts like a bank statement for your time that you can review each week to find tasks you could delegate, outsource, eliminate or systemise in future. For instance, if your cash-flow is suffering because you don’t have time to manage your accounts, write quotes and chase for payments, or these tasks just take too long because you’re not skilled at them or you procrastinate because you just don’t like doing them, delegate them to skilled people who can do them in half the time.
  3. Review your To Do list for the coming week and weed out all the tasks you could delegate, outsource, eliminate or systemise. This exercise will help you clear your diary for more progress tasks.
  4. Look for areas where you can use your time more efficiently. For instance, could you have a Skype meeting rather than travel to a face-to-face one? If you marketed more locally would you cut down on your travel time and the travel time of your team members?
  5. Carve out chunks of time free of interruptions so that you can do the more complex tasks efficiently. This might mean checking your emails just 3 times a day. When we suggested this to a client of ours recently, he was very resistant because he prided himself on his responsiveness to enquiries and he was worried that he would lose business. What he found, when he tried it, was that he was more productive, he brought more business in and the people who were enquiring were just as happy with his new response times. The added bonus was that he didn’t set up unrealistic expectations about his service delivery.
  6. Learn to manage your emotions so that you don’t waste time and energy on anger, doubt, anxiety, irritation and other negative feelings. Managing negative emotions will also help you avoid making situations worse and having to use precious time on mending the fall-out from negative reactions.
  7. Remember that although time flies, you are the pilot. So take control. Avoid using phrases like, ‘I didn’t have time’ when the truth is, you prioritised something else.

So, how are you going to use your time more productively and profitably this week?

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Madeleine Morgan,
CAMBRIDGE Business Guidance Programme Leader

Madeleine Morgan Business Coach and Leadership Mentor, Cambridge UK

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